We are at the forefront of UV technology in Australia

Monocure Pty Ltd was established in 1979. Initially Monocure produced inks based on a unique UV curable water based resin system. This Ink production led to custom formulated products for the graphic arts industry such as label & sheet fed varnishes.

Our research team keeps up to date with world trends and brings new developments to your door.

We are at the forefront of UV technology in Australia; our team of five research chemists and versatile production facilities enable us to:

Competitive pricing and customised products

We are basic in resin manufacture. That means pricing is competitive and resin selection is versatile. We
pride ourselves on producing many unique products and in some cases have confidentiality agreements with customers so the product created is solely for their use.

Continued research and new product development

More recently we have resurrected our ink technology and are undertaking research on products for the timber & plaster board industries. We also offer products for vin yl and rubber flooring, providing a non-slip matt or satin finish.

The Environment - an active approach

We take pride in our attitude towards the environment. The use of UV inks and varnishes eliminates dangerous solvents and hydrocarbons associated with other products. There is also no need for expensive drying tunnels or after burners.

All aqueous coatings can be dried at press speeds using infrared systems or hot air tunnels. Monomers used in our UV products are deemed safe for use by the Society of British Printing Ink Manufacturers. All additives are NICNAS approved. Our products are either waterbased or 100% resin. All our products are bio-degradable or recylclable and dissolve with caustic in paper reclamation systems. They contain no solvents, are non-flammable and can be airfreighted.

The company manufactures many of its own base resins thus ensuring control over the raw materials employed.

Key Personnel

Alan AndersonManaging Director

Alan Anderson has had over 35 years experience in the field of industrial chemicals and has been involved with the printing and packaging industries for many years. He has had a joint venture in China and a factory in Hong Kong and is actively promoting Monocure technology throughout Asia. Alan has a majority shareholding in the company.

peter elliottSales Manager

Peter Elliott has been involved with the packaging industry for over 25 years. His commitment to servicing our customers is unparalleled.

All Sale enquiries can be directed to him by contacting him on 0408 407 554
or by email at enquiries@monocure.com.au

Kevin JarrettChief Chemist

Kevin Jarrett has been with the company since its inception. His strength is his ability to create a resin formulation to suit specific individual requirements. With many years of experience in the coatings and adhesives industry, Kevin can ensure our customers are obtaining the most viable solution for their end usage.

Kevin can be contacted by phone on +612 9644 9611
or by email at kevinjarrett@monocure.com.au

Peter MousouleasGeneral Manager

Peter Mousouleas started his career with Polycure and then worked with APS, Mirrortone and now Monocure. His vast experience combined with our technology has resulted in the development and production of UV products that are leading the industry.

Peter can be contacted by phone on 0434 686 705
or by email at petermousouleas@monocure.com.au